Monday, October 13, 2014

New Book Cover for Teenage Love Spell: A Halloween Romance

Hello beautiful people!

I'm supposed to be really tired after submitting to 45 websites that promote e-books but to my surprise, here I am at 10 PM still rambling. I just had a handful of chocolates so maybe that's why. Anyhow anywho anywhat anywhere LOL (Can't I sound nuttier?)

I'm here to talk to you about the reveal of the FINAL book cover for my debut novella Teenage Love Spell: A Halloween Romance!

Drum roll please...

Dun... dun.. dun.. dunun!!!!!!

 Isn't it fantastic, wonderful, marvelous or better yet... EPIC!?
It's just like how I imagined it to be and more! What would I do without my ever so brilliant Illustrator Sho Anabeza?

Anyway... So right now I'm seeing progress in sales but nothing magical yet. Before I began my Kindle journey, I read a lot about it and it's harder than I imagined it to be! lol
 No wonder why it's very hard to get literary agents and publishers. Doing advertising with nobody but myself can really take a toll on me. (Thank God for the chocolates!)

Anyway, I got an e-mail back earlier from one website which I submitted to and much to my dismay, they replied with the volume of the submissions for them is too much and if I want to promote, I should pay... THAT SUCKED!

But... just ten minutes ago, I got an e-mail from another website saying that they approved my e-book and my promo will appear on their site on Friday and Saturday!

In case you haven't picked up on that yet... YES! I have a promo running on Friday October 17 2014 and Saturday October 18 2014!

Teenage Love Spell: A Halloween Romance will be free on those dates!

Bookmark this site now to grab your free copy this weekend!

Oh, and since it's free and I really worked hard for it, if it happens that you do like my book...
Kindly leave me a review and some twinkling stars! It would help so much in my career as a starting Author!

Anyways, have to take a shower now! Thanks for taking the time in reading this! Hope you have a fantastic day!


Gabrielle Dela Cruz

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