Thursday, October 16, 2014

Start of the FREE giveway for Teenage Love Spell!

Greetings everyone!

Teenage Love Spell: A Halloween Romance

A debut novella of a yearly Halloween series is going to be free on October 17 2014 to October 20 2014. Experience to love for the very first time again with fifteen year old Caitlyn Cross, a
red-head witch who's constantly bullied in school because of the color of her hair.

Learn how it feels to have a very strong power and fighting to use it against the bullies
in school with only love being your refuge.

The reason why it's free is I want a lot of people to read my debut novella and have a taste of my writing. I would also like to take this special opportunity to ask you guys to kindly share this promo or this blog post to everyone.

Here is where you'll find the link for the book.

If you happen to like the book, kindly give me a review on Amazon!
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Gabrielle Dela Cruz

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