Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Paranormal-Romance Novella Soon on Kindle

Hi everyone! It's me again!

I just want to write about how excited I am for my debut novella that's going to be published soon on Kindle Amazon. This post is not meant to be a spoiler although I'll share some artworks with you guys for the cover (a process that was made lighter by my fantastic illustrator Sho Anabeza)

Here are some of his drafts for me...

 Exciting eh? I'm not going to tell you guys about the story yet. Anyway, I'm just really stoked about it and it's a perfect (that sounds conceited) book for Halloween!.
Since it's pretty obvious on the cover, yes... It's a Paranormal fiction :)
This book is actually inspired by my first crush, well... most of my writings are anyway lol.

I really want to talk about it more but I'll wait for the right to after it's launched and all.

Thanks for reading this and if ever you're feeling generous right now, please wish me luck! Hope you're having a fabulous time.

I'll leave you some of MY ARTWORK (Artwork?! Really huh? More like doodles from a second grader LOL)

 Gabrielle Dela Cruz

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